A Tisket, A Tasket, Time for May Basket

By: Nikki Merritt
What a wonderful time of year this is.  The earth is waking up from a long winters nap and spring has sprung.
The grass is turning green, the trees are budding out and flowers are blooming in beautiful colors with better than perfume scents.
We’ve had plenty of April showers and now it’s time to turn our thoughts towards May.
First thought for May around here –May baskets!  Just love these sweet, tasty, secret surprizes delivered on May 1st — don’t you?
For over 20 years right here in Chelsea America people have received a special treat on May Day — a secret one!
Here’s how it’s worked;
* Think of someone special you’d like to secretly surprise — think of more than one.
* Make a list with names & addresses then call us at 918-789-2906.
* We’ll take your orders and not only fill them but deliver them as well.
* Stop — Stop — Stop you say!
Fill them with what?  Well, the best tastin’, most mouth waterin’ sugar cookies (homemade, from scratch) there are around tucked into the custest of cute handmade basket.  Not only will you enjoy sending these as will the person you’ve chosen to send one too, but hopefully ‘someone’ will put you on their list to surprise so you can taste this delicious treat –Y-M–M–M.
Here’s our promise:  We will never, NEVER tell who sent this May Day gift.  Hasn’t been a person yet in all these 20 plus years that’s been able to pry it out of us!  They will never know unless you, yourself, let the cat out of the bag.
May Basket secret surprises are meant for everyone.  you can send one to your mother, father, aunt, uncle, child, co-worker, grandmothers especially, teachers, preachers, neighbors, secret pals, the list can go on and on!  Like I said, we do all the work.  You can just sit back and enjoy the fun of these lucky, ducky folks trying to figure out WHO sent them this thinking of you gift.
It’s truly fun to put a smile on someone’s face — to brighten their day.  Be like sending a little peice of sunshine and heaven knows we could all use that especially since we’ve had more dark gloomy days than sunny ones for the last few months.
Make your lists, call it in to 918-789-2906 today.  These secret surprises are only $3.50 each.  Well worth the smiles they create.


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